PME-NA 42 Proposal and Final Paper / Poster templates

Please follow the submission guidelines carefully and use the templates below for preparing the proposal, before submitting to the All-Academic site. When working with the templates, you should always use the built-in Styles as defined in the DOCX templates.


Proposals should be blind: Please remove all author and identifying information for proposals.

Proposals may be in Spanish, French, or English. 
Proposals submitted in Spanish or French need to include a title and an abstract in English as well.  Please use the Spanish or French Proposal template below for those.

Accepted final papers / posters

All final accepted papers should be in English and can include a version in Spanish and/or French. Please use the Bilingual Final Paper  template below for that.

Final papers should be in DOCX format, not PDF, nor any other word processing format.

Paper Templates (Word .docx)

  • Spanish/French: